Problems with Citizen’s Insurance Company? 

It may be intentionally denying your valid claim. The Corless Barfield Trial Group, PLLC and Weber, Crabb and Wein, P.A. recently obtained a $12.7 million dollar verdict on behalf of Cloverplace Condominium Association in Palm Harbor after State-run Citizens denied 83 of the association’s sinkhole claims without conducting sinkhole testing, clearly in violation of state law.  Citizens continues to dispute 26 other claims submitted by Cloverplace, including ones where Citizens actually confirmed the presence of sinkhole activity but just chose not to pay.  In all, 218 unit owners have struggled for 6-10 years in court to try and make needed repairs whilst Citizens took calculated risks to defend its unlawful behavior.  It vows to appeal rather than pay. The sad irony is that Cloverplace must keep paying premiums to Citizens during this long fight because no other insurance company will underwrite the property until the sinkholes are repaired. Unfortunately, with Citizens you need capable insurance lawyers on your side.